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Manufactured Home Engineering Certification

The Home Inspection Reveals the Real Physical Condition of a House

Roof Inspections

Throughout the inspection process, the roof is often an area in which issues can occur. Some roof coverings cannot be walked on because they could be damaged. An inspector generally examines the roof from ground level with binoculars or looks out higher windows to get a view of roofing below. Inspectors will note torn or missing shingles and nail pops that may or may not indicate a full-fledged problem. To guarantee that you are buying a house with a durable roof, the inspector may suggest hiring a licensed roofing contractor to provide a full evaluation.

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Attic and Crawl Space Inspections

We are ready to get dirty and inspect all accessible attic and crawl spaces. A number of structural issues are discovered in the attic and crawl spaces. Evidence of roof leakage can be visible in the attic area and may go undetected from the top of the roof. The existence of unsafe electrical wiring or bathroom exhaust fans terminating in the attic will be reported. The condition of insulation or inadequate ventilation can be discovered inspecting these spaces. We detected major structural issues and saved thousands of dollars to our clients.

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Electrical Inspections

The electrical system is an important component of the home and feeds the mechanical systems. A home inspector is required to conduct a thorough visual examination of the visible aspects of electrical system and is not required to report on any code issues. The electrical inspection includes the main service panel, service lines, power outlets, and the existence of GFCI and AFCI breakers, light fixtures circuit wiring and grounding.

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Plumbing Inspections

A home inspector can only be responsible for the components that are visible. Most of the home’s plumbing system is covered by the walls. What is visible usually shows the home’s plumbing health. Real-estate contracts are structured so that major systems, such as electrical and plumbing, are reviewed and obligate the seller to fix most deficiencies to complete the sale.

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Air samples can be used to gather data about mold spores present in the interior of a house. These samples are taken by using a pump that forces air through a collection device which catches mold spores. The sample is then sent off to a laboratory to be analyzed. InterNACHI inspectors who perform mold inspections often utilize air sampling to collect data, which has become commonplace.

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Radon gas has no smell or color so a test must be done to detect it. In fact, the U.S. Office of the Surgeon General and U.S. EPA recommend that all homes be tested for radon, especially if you are buying, selling or building a home. Long-term tests will yield better information on a home's average year-round radon levels. Radon test devices are placed in the lowest occupied level of the home.